Time for Africa to grow up over Zimbabwe

Mugabe is known throughout the world as a tyrant who has destroyed a prosperous economy and cheated his way to power in successive elections. Despite this and the thousands of deaths he has caused amongst the black population of his country, he is still revered by many Africans as some sort of hero because he cocks a snoop, pulls faces and shouts at the former colonial master.

Now, with Mugabe about to steal another election, isn't it about time Africa grew up ?

The fact that the African Election Observers declared the election to be free and fair before the results were even announced says something about Africa's attitude towards Mugabe. How can you say an election was fair since a key part of the election is checking that the votes are counted fairly and accurately. The African Election observers were nothing more than a rubber stamp for Mugabe and were simply window dressing designed to legitimise mass fraud.

Africa, if it is to be seen as a modern vibrant place that should be seen as the equal (rightly so) of the rest of the world, needs to stand up and be counted. Zimbabwe's neighbours need to make clear that a stolen election is not acceptable and put aside Mugabe's rhetoric about Britain, and accept that he is a criminal and his time is up.


Anonymous said...

"How can you say an election was fair since a key part of the election is checking that the votes are counted fairly and accurately"

It's all relative, I suppose!

Colin Campbell said...

I am quite surprised that he can maintain the loyalty of the armed forces and the police. They have to live in the economy that he has created. I am also a little surprised that he has not been taken out.

The longer this goes, the less likely a good outcome will come of it. Kenya 2???

Phil A said...

Excellent points.

Let's hope when Mugabe does go violence can be avoided - and let's hope he goes soon.

Still, this is really Africa's problem and they need to address it instead of pretending it isn't there.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Wouldn't you think that South Africa would be putting more of a squeeze on Mugabe?

Norfolk Blogger said...

South Africa attutide towards Zimbabwe has been appalling for the people of Zimbabwe for a decade or more.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Every African country has sunk into despotisam. Zim what ever it is called will be next followed by South Africa when Mandella goes. They should be left alone to their own development, we should stop this conintual colonial type interfearance