Obama destroys Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania

A few days ago Hillary Clinton had a 12 point lead in Pennsylvania, a key state with 158 delegates. Then another poll showed her lead slipping to 9%, but still a comfortable margin. However the two latest polls show Obama to be in a statistical tie (43.5% each as an average).

The whole Clinton campaign has relied in the last few weeks on getting enough delegates to be close enough to Obama to justify counting the votes from the two state primaries she won which were disqualified. But if Hillary Clinton cannot win Pennsylvania, Obama's lead may actually grow and her chances may well evaporate at this point.

It's all speculation, but I reckon Obama has won it and Hillary needs to go with dignity.


Alasdair W said...

Even if she won it, it would only be marginal. She can't just win all the delegates because the Democrats have a Proportional Repressentation system. So with it being this close, she can't catch up. The Democrats defenetly need to wrap things up, in order to join together, meaning Clinton needs to leave with dignity as you said. Well put

rhyer said...

Well said. however I don't think she has any intention of stepping down with dignity or consideration for the party or the country. It seems her primary concern at this point is to create as much dissent as possible within the party to destroy any chance of Obama winning the general election, thus giving her a chance to win the nomination in 2012. Her claim of being a fighter is fine. Fighters belong in the ring not politics.