As good a critique of the Green Party as you will find

I've always found the Green's to be one step short of fascist in their doctrinaire "smash the system" methods.

I remember a few years ago a Green Party spokesman being destroyed by Jonathan Dimbleby on TV as they argued for more taxes for people with more than one TV, forcing companies to close down head offices and instead relocate all their businesses to different parts of the country, indeed I seem to recall they even suggested that every town should have a small biscuit factor rather than there being one large one. Talk about a return to the stone age. Some might describe their policies as akin to tearing up all the progress that has been made in economics and efficiency (and with that we should include energy efficiency) and just trying to turn the clock back.

In Germany they have had to witness the short sighted policies of the Greens when as part of the deal for them to join the coalition government they argued for the closing of Nuclear Power stations. When this happened the Germans opened extra coal fired powers stations in their place and imported more electricity from France, which is itself 80% nuclear, which in turn led to France building more nuclear power stations. So how's that for energy efficiency and carbon use. Close a power station, build an identical one a few hundred miles away.

So I was interested to read on Anders Hanson's excellent blog a review of the problems highlighted in the Swedish Green Party's policies, which are not dissimilar to the UK Green Party's policies. Though the Green's never really stand for anything except vague promises.

A worthy read for anyone even contemplating voting Green.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

I completly agree with you.

Antony said...

Although I would agree with ANY critique of the Greens, your two parties often vote together on city Council Nich.

Alasdair W said...

Yes the green party do have rediculous ideas.
But on Germany, the green party being in prevous SPD coalition, would have also led to a rise in renewable electricity. Germany is years ahead of us when it comes to renewable energy and anything else environmental like recycling. That's partly due to past coalitions which have driven things forward. That can be part of our arguement for Proportional Representation. It drives things forward. Then again you do have a point. Environmental policy must be thought about how you will take on certain things.

Newmania said...

Well its nice to be vindicated , this was recent exchnage with Bob (The Commie) Piper

BOB -newmania, over the last year you have made a nobhead of yourself on numerous occasions, but your assertion that the Green Party's policies are similar to the BNP is quite the most idiotic load of cobblers, even by your standards of illiterate stupidity.
By all means speculate on whether Livingstone will win or not, and if he does you will undoubtably have some lamebrained excuse, but everyone and his dog knows that the BNP's reason for living is to oppose asylum and immigration. On the other hand, the Greens are critical of the Government's hard line on... errm, immigration and asylum.
Make your silly points if you wish, people will just laugh at you, but for crying out loud stop making yourself look completely barking mad.

Whose are these polices then ?
1 Forbid the purchase of corner shops by migrants
2 Stop people from inner cities moving to the country side to protect traditional lifestyles
3 Grant British citizenship only to children born here
4 Boycott food grown by black farmer and subsidise food grown by whites
5 Restrict tourism and immigration from outside Europe
6 Prohibit embryo research
7 Stop Lorry movements on the Lord's day
8 Require state approval for a national sports steam to compete overseas
9 Disconnect Britain from the European electricity grid
10 Establish a 'New Order' between nations to resolve the world's economic crisis

They are from the Green Party's manifesto for a sustainable society or were adopted at last years Party conference in Liverpool .I can provide the precise equivalents from BNP literature and the parts of the Green Brigades texts to which I refer

Perhaps because I provide a souffle of wit and playfulness you have mistakenly underestimated me Bob ? I think you may have done the same thing with Boris so I will learn to live with it . As I say , I do not take either of these Parties seriously enough to very concerned at their bonkers dreaming but its an interesting point of comparison .If you say they make other contradictory remarks then I am utterly unsurprised. They are the proud possessors of goldfish brains .

In London Green activists look a lot like the sort of scruffy brainless oiks that pester honest working folk with placards saying SWP or Vote Ken or British Communalism. They are not the little old ladies who want to save seals you think they are and their ill digested stew of science and spiritualism is not entirely benign .

An alliance with Mugabe Livingstone is less of a surprise than you might assume then ..

Now I wil read the Swedish thing . Did you know socilaism is dying in Sweden ...Where Polly find to worship next ?

Bill Quango MP said...

There were a couple of greens on newsnight the other week.
Paxman was asking about carbon footprints.

The greens said everyone was allowed and would be responsible for their own footprint. As long as everyone in the world was equal.
So Paxo asked ' A Masai tribesman has the same carbon allowance as a Western commuter? '
Yes they said. I remember that even the greens didn't look very convinced by thier own argument.

I think old Ken Clarke was on too. He said something about the importance of efficency and the need for economic solutions to global warming.

I believe he meant that if, say wind power, were to actually cost more than 2 times current power levels it would imbalance the economy, push up prices, reduce jobs and cause recession doing great national and world damage. no spare cash for Aid etc.

The greens looked pretty pleased with that.

Why they get media coverage greater than any local raving nutter party is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bleat on and on about the New World Order.

But the Green Party get their funding from the very people they constantly pretend to be against.

The only green agenda that actually gets acted on by government are the ones that cost lots of money for no good reason and make mega fortunes for large corporate banksters.

This is why the Greens are a Fascist Party. They get there money indirectly or directly from Fascists.

One of the biggest financial and otherwise backers of the Green Party is young Lord Rothschild. If that not an establishment Fascist what the bugger is a establishment fascist?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Good news for the Greens that the WMO has admitted that Global temps. have not increased for 10 years, and with the coldest Sino winter for 500 years this years temp.will drop again.With the hole in the Ozone layer gone as well this is a time to be cheerful.

Anonymous said...

I tend to find that Green policies have a lot in common with the anti-capitalist and anti-nuclear movements. That may be my perception - but is there any analysis or evidence of the membership and leadership essentially being derived from those earlier movements?

One article I read a while ago suggested that Greens had sprung from Communist movements after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Again - is there any evidence of that?

Either way, the policies seem to be unrealistic. That is a shame because sensible Green policies based on 'real economic signals' would do politics and the world a lot of good. Green politics would do well to look at right wing pro-business parties and copy many of the ideas and stay away from some of the anti-business agenda.

John said...

Just to say, it's "greens" not "green's". Never listen to a man who can't spell, that's what I say. A teacher at that!

Norfolk Blogger said...

So you never beleive anyone who is dyslexic ? Nice principles to ahve. You must be a Green.

Anonymous said...


I guess you wouldn't comment if you didn't care.