The hypocrisy of the Daily Scum

My parents get the Daily Scum, and I was shocked when going round their house today to see the hypocrisy that the paper employs when reporting on certain issues.

On the basis of what seemed to me to be a defence of Max Mosley, the Formula One chief embroiled in some sort of sex scandal, they decided to follow up his argument pointing the finger at BMW and Mercedes for their use of slave labour and support of the Nazi's during World War Two.

Of course what The Daily Mail failed to mention was that The daily mail itself was a cheerleader for the Nazis in the 1930's and was a big backer of the British Union of Fascists led be Max Mosley's father (Oswald Mosley).

Isn't it slightly odd though for the Mail to be pointing a finger at BMW and Mercedes when The Daily Mail's wartime history is something they would rather ignore ?


Norfolk Days Out said...

Many team's in F1 consider Moseley to be Ferrari biased and will try to use this to oust him from his position. With papers like The Mail fanning the flames, as usual, I'm sure this will come to ahead soon. Let's promote Norfolk's Martin Brundell to the position to add to good old Norfolk common sense.

Johnny Norfolk said...

When you have the BBC that is so left wing you are bound to find papers like The Daily Mail that take an opposite view. If the BBC was more balanced there would be less call for the likes of the daily mail.

Jonny Wright said...

Also, bear in mind that the Max Mosley story was broken by NOTW, and he is now suing them. The Mail would love their rivals to get clobbered by a major lawsuit, wouldn't they?

Johnny Norfolk said...

What I find strange is the ammount of people that hate the Daily Mail that read it. I would not dream of picking up the Guardian or Independent let alone read them.
Ignore it, it may go away.

Alasdair W said...

Someone I know, who usually votes labour, reads the daily mail and says he strongly disagrees with many of it's views. He even said he actually like the guardian, so I must convince him to switch newspapers.
When I look at the daily mail, it just makes me really angry. The idea that it's putting all these false ideas into thousands of people's heads!

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Your comments would be more credible were you able to spell the name of Max Mosley, fourth son of Oswald Mosley, and second offspring of his marriage to Diana Mitford.

You might then have dug a little further. You would have recognised that Mosley and his brother Alexander had been deep into the belly of the Union Movement. There are accounts of Max acting as a "bodyguard" to his father (and ending up at Old Street Magistrates as a consequence). He ran as a UM candidate in the early 60s.

Like so many semi-retired fascists, he then tried to infiltrate the Tory Party, and become a parliamentary candidate.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I have ammended the spellings. As you can see from the consistent error, it was a mis-spelling, not mis-type.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Fair enough comments - the one thing I would point out is that the Daily Mail's backing of the BUF in the 30s only lasted a few weeks and was imposed against the better judgement of its editor at the express command of the then Lord Rothermere. It came to an abrupt end when the BUF caused a major riot with the CPGB and even Lord Rothermere realised what his new friends were like.

Also, the fact that this occurred in the 30s means it wasn't "wartime" history - indeed, if it had been the paper would have been forcibly suppressed under the Defence of the Realm Act (and good riddance to bad rubbish).

It does seem a spectacularly daft defence for Mosley though - to say that former directors of the companies that are up against him can't talk because their distant predecessors did not try to stop a dictator from pushing slave labour into the factories. It's also irrelevant - the point about Mosley is that he is a former active fascist, and if these allegations are correct, then it seems we have to consider him a current, active fascist. That, given the power he wields internationally, would be a serious matter.