Who needs Ashes to Ashes ?

In the 1980's we used to have a lot of family days out in Great Yarmouth, but upon going there today I could be forgiven for thinking I had gone in to some sort of time warp and that I was back in the 1980's like in the series Ashes to Ashes.
The photo shows that on one of the piers they have Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr, but further along the poster it also showed that they have Cannon and Ball and Roy "Chubby" Brown.
Now I'm no snob, indeed I have seen all these acts live back in the 1980's in Blackpool (which will upset a number of people who love to refer to me as politically correct), but it was such a retro moment when I saw this poster, and the music that was playing over the tannoy really summed it up as some sort of weird time travelling moment, with the sound of "Something about you" by Level 42 blasting in to my ears. Oh it took me back to Blackpool in 1986.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Sounds about right for Norfolk.

Are they still testing the air raid syrens.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Yarmouth the original model for Royston Vasey?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Not that I know of although someone did once post on the signs around the village of Bacton (North Norfolk) "Twinned with Royston Vasey".