Forget ASBOs - Whilst the punishment does not fit the crime youths will still get away with it

Anyone watching Traffic Cops on the BBC tonight will have been sickened to see the pathetic punishment dished out to a 13 year old boy who stole car and speeded in it before crashing it whilst the police pursued him.

The boy was given a small fine, and this is the comical bit, had points added to his driving license (note he is 13 years old) and was banned from driving for one year (again, note his age).

What an absolute joke our criminal justice system is.


Johnny Norfolk said...

This is is just what you expect from Labour

jailhouselawyer said...

I watched this too. Unfortunately, I think both last week's and this suffered from end of the reel footage and the quality wasn't as good. Followed by The Apprentice.

Meanwhile, ITV attempted to win the ratings war by giving 2 hours of publicity to two suspected child killers. In this case, I would like to see the punishment fit the crime rather than celebrate 1 year of evading justice.