My favourite time - Eve of Poll

Thinking back a few years to my active political involvement (I have not been involved in elections for two years), it has just occurred to me that this time always used to be a really good time for me.

The time I write about it late evening on the eve of poll.

By this stage of a campaign, you usually know if you have done enough, and given that I have never lost an election as an agent or campaign manager, I always tended to know it we were okay. But it was still all dependent on making sure polling day was write. By this time you'd have given out your tellers sheets to those who would be standing on the polling station door, you'd given out "Good Morning" leaflets to your early morning deliverers, got all your car pick ups sorted, got all your pile of polling day "knocking up" leaflets ready in piles and printed out a back up of all your identified Lib Dem voters just in case your printer or computer failed.

There is, at this time, a sort of calm before the storm and a sort of smug satisfaction that you knew you had done as much as you can and that although you probably ached, it was going to be worth it.

Not being actively involved in politics any more (I spent this evening looking after my son who has a chest infection again), I don't miss the campaigning or the canvassing, but I do miss polling day. There is a real buzz about it if it has been planned well.


Liam said...

Polling day was "write". Aw, bless....

Johnny Norfolk said...

I hope your son is improving, it is such a worry when your children are not well.

I am looking forward to hearing the people speak about the Labour government, Labour always spend and waste far to much of our money with their good ideas.
I am sure the Conservatives would not have made such a mess as this.

I do hope Boris gets in so he can prove himself, but I am concerned about the postal voting system, another labour disaster.

I just wish people would understand that you need to earn money before you spend it not just borrow. Dept is like modern slavery keeping ordinary people in bondage to the banks. The Labour government shouldhave set an example to its supporters.

Good luck to the Tories

Baht At said...

a buzz around election day? You are joking surely - even the most harden politician must dread the fact that today is that that a majority of people while NOT vote for them. Indeed given these are local elections a very sizeable majority will not vote at all.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Most elections in North Norfolk have a more than 50% turnout.

The fact is that the buzz is around our own activists and own supporters. If the opposition have no buzz they stay at home. More fool them.

Baht At said...

More than 50% wasting their time voting in local elections? Well I guess it must be true what they say about the effects of inbreeding in Norfolk ;)

What amazes me is the check of most of the politicians in assuming they are worth voting for.

Norfolk Blogger said...

baht at - The inbreeding comment would be funny were it not for the fact that it isn't true.

It's like assuming all people with false blogger IDs are arseholes !

Baht At said...

Yes I know that there are perfectly good reasons for inbreeding (it eliminates bad recessive genes faster) and that by and large it doesn't result in congenital stupidity.