Another myth exposed - Baby survival rates before 24 weeks

The anti abortion crown have been pushing the argument for some years now that babies born before 24 weeks gestation are surviving in ever greater numbers and this is the main reason for their fight to end abortions at 23 weeks.

The actual figures, revealed today, show that on 27% of babies born at 23 weeks survive, and most of these will have permanent health problems related to under developed lungs and brains.

It appears that the facts don't support the anti abortion groups claims.

I have always been pro choice when it comes to abortion, but I have always felt that terminations beyond 22 weeks are too invasive and even slightly disturbing both in terms of the effect on the foetus, but also the trauma to the woman involved. It is sad therefore that any attempt to amend the abortion act to even bring it down two weeks is undermined by the false arguments of anti choice groups.

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Johnny Norfolk said...

With all the contraception available i think it is quite sickening how many abortions take place. I am not interested in how many weeks. It is a far more profound reason.
Abortion should not be the soft option because people are too lazy to bother about contraception.

They should not be done on the NHS.