Who is this man and where is the real Gordon Brown

I was slightly confused as to why Gordon Brown was on American Idol yesterday, but on taking a close look at the actual footage from the show (courtesy of the BBC I-Player) I was not at all convinced it is actually him.
Just looking at this picture, it clearly was not Gordon Brown. I have never seen Gordon Brown smiling like this, indeed, nobody in the world smiles like this. But later on, in an effort to genuinely make people believe it was him, they added a caption.

But with the caption came an even more jolly look to the face, which begs the question, if he really is this jolly, has he seen the economic figures ? And perhaps worse than that, why does he smile for the Americans and not for the British ?


Johnny Norfolk said...

He knows how we have been conned by Labour and he still became PM. No wonder he is happy.

Gavin Whenman said...

Watch the video again - it's Gordon Brown doing a Tony Blair impression.

dan said...

It reminded me of one of those manic Spitting Image dummies

Johnny Norfolk said...

Since Labour came to power I knew they would bring disaster to this country as they did in the 60s. Why are people in this country so foolish as to keep voting for them.
Can they not see they have no idea about the real world. They have spent so much they have brought this country to its knees. They and their supporters hated Mrs Thatcher, but I wish she was PM she had what Labour never will have, common sense. she had no spin or lies she said it as it was and people hated her for it.