Problems with Setanta Sports - How did you get here ?

I am consistently getting up to five hits every day to my blog under the Google search "problems with Setanta Sports". Which despite its launch over six months ago, seems still to be causing all sorts of problems to its customers.

Often when looking through how people have got to this blog via Google or other search engines, I feel they might have got here by mistake and ended up linking to a story that they were not actually interested in. However, as can be seen from the moe than 60 comments left on THIS story about Setanta Sports and their problems, it appears that this blog has, at least, allowed people to let of some steam over the uselessness of Setanta's customer support.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Hate to tell you this Nich but Setanta have been around in the UK for a lot more than 6 months they have been covering the SPL since the 2004-5 season. The fact that there are still problems is therefore an even bigger concern than you might imagine and possibly a reason for the 60 comments on that other post.