Name : Charles Clarke - Occupation : MP and Former Minister - Specialist Subject : The Bleeding Obvious

Apparently, in some piece of work of psephological genius, Charles Clarke (the former Home Secretary) has worked out that an increase in the Conservative vote could lead to Labour MPs losing their seat.

I know, it's an astonishing claim, but you've got to take your hat of to Charles Clarke for stating the bleeding obvious and trying to pass it off as words of wisdom. But in simple terms, Charles Clarke has told us nothing we did not know before, except to again muddy the waters about his own constituency.

Charles Clarke does, you see, face a stern task next time in trying to hang on to his own Norwich South Seat from the Lib Dems, and his constant wanting to talk up the Tories chances is as much about him wanting to be seen as important and relevant when clearly he isn't as it is about trying to allow the Tories to be seen by some as the threat in Norwich South, which he knows will harm the Lib Dems chances and split the anti Labour vote.

The problem is Charles Clarke that he is now not in the fast track of Labour politicians and he sounds increasingly like a man of the past trying to sound important. His rather desperate "Listen to me, please someone why won't you listen to me ?" stories we get locally in Norwich when Mr Clarke goes on about national issues and the Labour Party suggest that nobody is listening to him, and if he continues to state the bleeding obvious all the time, people might increasingly start to wonder what the point is in him being an MP at all.


Johnny Norfolk said...

He did such a great job at the Home Office I am sure he will get back in again.

Anonymous said...

Very Succinct.

That Mesdames Primarollo and Flint announcements today on "saving humans and planet earth" not likely to help his cause.


Anonymous said...

When he was at Cambridge in
1971 he was Chairman of Cambridge University's Stalinist Society!

Go to the following link if you want to see what shitbag Clarke's
really like.


Anonymous said...

He's obviously desperate to become relevant again and is hoping that Brown opts to bring back some of Blair's favourite pupils such as himself and Alan Milburn etc.

Bit optimistic, if you ask me.