Tobias Ellwood - A Tory MP setting a good example

Well done to Tobias Ellwood, a Tory MP who whilst out in his constituency chose not to accept that some teenagers were acting in a anti social way and went to speak to them about their behaviour.

Of course, he was met with verbal abuse and was pelted with stones. However, if more people had the nerve to do it and knew the police would be on their side if they did (and not take the easy option of arresting the adult as they do so often when the teens run home to their parents and complain), then there would be a lot less anti social behavior going on.

After the recent court case where a number of youths were locked up for the murder of Gary Newlove after he confronted them about their behaviour, Mr Ellwood could be forgiven for walking away. But he didn't. Let's hope the police take this issue seriously too.

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