Do the government really care about security of electricity supply or about terrorism ?

It is interesting to note that despite the government supposedly being worried about energy supply to the UK and its future security and despite claims that they are doing everything they can to make sure we are all safe from terrorism, they are cutting £750,000 from the security budget of Bacton Gas terminal, Britain's biggest gas terminal, and the Ministry of Defence are no longer prepared to be responsible for its safety and protection from terrorism.

This means that Norfolk Constabulary are picking up the bill, but it will also mean an 8.3% increase in the police council tax take this year putting up costs for council tax payers in Norfolk.

Here is a question though. If it were in London, who do you think would pay for its protection given that Bacton Gas terminal is a top terrorist target (detailed maps of Bacton have been found amongst terrorist belongings already in the UK). I bet the government would pay for Bacton's protection if it were not in a rural county.


Gavin Whenman said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean there's more to the UK than just London? This could well come as a surprise to some of our elected politicians.

The Secret Person said...

Yes, Labour see the countryside as some kind of Tory Toff fox-hunting area and ignore it. Even if rural areas have poverty. Or vote lib-dem. Another story from the BBC today