New Labour - Sick Britain

Just looking around the BBC wesbite today highlights the sick nature of our society at the moment. Giving you a quick tour of sickness affecting the country we have :

3) Three young thugs are finally sentenced for the senceless beating and Murder of Garry Newlove in Warrington. They have apparently shown no remorse. Again, what proud parents they must have.

5) The Fire Brigades Union warns that attacks on Fire crews in on the increase (despite government claims to the opposite) and that they are premeditated, often orchestrated by gangs, and there are real fears that these attacks could lead to a death.

Then, conversely, we have a man in Scotland who took on some gangs over graffiti in his estate, was then attacked by gang members who attacked him in his car, when he then drove his car at them in self defence, he was then arrested and will now serve three years in prison. It's an odd state of affairs that a man should have to do the police's work in the first place, but for him to be sent to jail when he was the one who was attacked seems slightly perverse.

And what is labour's asnwer to all these ills ? ASBO's, which have themselves been shown to be ineffective.

Yes, welcome to Britain after 11 years of New Labour. New Labour - Sick Britain.


Anonymous said...

yes and some of them even happended under the watchful eye of LibDem councils

And I think you will find the SNP run scotland

Norfolk Blogger said...

So you now believe district councils should be responsible from policing the streets do you ?

The interesting point is your lack of facts and research as none of these areas is Lib Dem run. Not Manchester, Warrington, or the part of London where the man was stabbed. Not even the part of Wales where the lamb was murdered is Lib Dem run.