Michael Ancram's nose is right in the trough

There is noting worse for the electorate than reading about a multi millionaire seemingly coining it in at the tax payers expense, so this story from the Telegraph takes a lot of explaining ;

"Michael Ancram, the multi-millionaire former party chairman and deputy leader, claimed £22,030 - only £80 less than the maximum available to him under the controversial "additional costs allowance" (ACA). The allowance helps MPs with constituencies outside London to support the cost of running a second home.

While most MPs spend their allowances on mortgages or rent, Mr Ancram admits not a penny of the £89,927 he has claimed since 2001 has gone on mortgage payments.

Instead, he admitted he spent the money running his country home, including repainting its walls and removing moss from its garden.

Although the MP for Devizes has not broken any rules, the revelation has led to fresh calls for greater control and openness over what MPs can claim for."

Of course he has not broken any rules, but it stinks, doesn't it ?

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Anonymous said...

It does indeed stink. The rules are so 'flexible' that they might as well not be there at all. MP's expenses should be published in their entirety and scrutinised, with serious punishments to those who abuse them.

This is taxpayers' money being frittered away and I'm sick to death of it.