Tories "so forgiving" of their own councillors

I noted a few months ago that a Tory Councillor who drove to a hospital whilst over the alcohol limit and then urinated in the grounds of the hospital, had resigned from the Conservative Group, but was , as the Tory leader of South Norfolk made clear, going to be allowed back in to the Tory group at the earliest opportunity. So in effect his "resignation" from the Tory group was a meaningless gesture.

Well if the South Norfolk District Council website is to be believed, Cllr Tilcock has already been let back in to the Tory group.

I wonder if the Tories would have been so forgiving of this sort of behaviour from a teenager or a non Conservative councillor ?


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of do as I say and not as I do!

Quiet_Man said...

And they (politicians) wonder why the public no longer seem to respect them