South Norfolk Tory Councillor Keith Tilcock shows voters what anti social behaviour is really like

A South Norfolk Tory Councillor, Keith Tilcock, has been banned from driving for a year after being caught driving by police whilst in a drunken state.

In a further shameful act, he was also observed urinating in the ground of the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital close to one of the wards.

In the Eastern Daily Press (story not available online) the Tory Leader of the council is quoted as saying that Councillor Tilcock had been suspended from the Conservative Group but that "he expected to be able to welcome [him] back at a later date". This sounds very much like "We'll have him back when all the fuss has died down." Given that sort of attitude, it's perhaps no surprise that Mr Tilcock's conduct has been reported to the Standards Board for England.

In his recent election literature, Mr Tilcock said that the Tories will "...tackle anti-social behaviour". I can't think of behaviour that is more anti-social than driving halfway across Norfolk under the influence of alcohol and then acting in the way he did at the hospital.

In the circumstances, it's ironic that Mr Tilcock represents South Norfolk Council on Active Norfolk, formerly the Norfolk Sports Partnership, a body charged with promoting an active and healthy lifestyle! What sort of role model does he provide for the young people of the county?

In the same election leaflet referred to above, Mr Tilcock was endorsed by the local MP who said "...[he] will serve you with integrity." Perhaps Mr Tilcock might demonstrate this "integrity" by resigning from the Council ?


Anonymous said...

Why do we expect councillors/MPs to perpetually act in an exemperally manner? They're human too. I'm not defending Mr Tilcock but you hold him up to ridicule as if you never broke the law yourself.

Norfolk Blogger said...

There are degreesa of law breaking. Did Mr Tilcock murder anyone ? No, and that would have been worse.

If you ask if I have broken the law I would argue yes, but not to the degree that Mr Tilcock did. When I was elected to the council I moderated my behaviour even more, drove more carefully, thought about my actions more and my responsibilities. That is why I ridicule him because his actions seem, to me, to show little regard for his position.

Remember how many people die each year at the hands of drunk drivers.

Dave O'Neill said...

There is no excuse whatsoever for either drunk driving or gross misbehaviour at a hospital.

Tilcock should resign. Now.

Dave O'Neill

Anonymous said...

Yes - he should step down. I remember that a woman Lib Dem in Norwich did the 'decent thing' recently when simarly caught ought - even though she believed herself to be innocent and hounded by the police. Which ward does he represent?

Dave from Diss said...

Councillors need to set a good example. This is appalling.