It appears I am a dissident

I note I was the dissident voice on The World at One today on Radio 4.

To be honest, I was amazed I could do the interview at all given that I had just finished playing football, had been at the hospital the night before, my back was only just holding out, my car alarm started going off halfway through the interview, and about 50 kids were peering at me wondering why I was sat sweating in my car in a football kit in my lunch hour.

For the record, I still believe we would do better with Nick Clegg or Chris Huhne as Leader, and I stand by that. There will be people who would accuse me of stirring it up by allowing myself to be interviewed for The World At One, but I have always felt that if you are prepared to argue a point, you should have the bravery to say it to whoever asks you about it.

However, there is no doubt that the Lib Dem team in Sedgefield and Ealing Southall have played a blinder. There is every reason to hope that Ming will have a good press on Friday, and this has got to be good news for the party.

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Letterman said...

Here, here. I whole-heartedly agree.