Some Tory MP's do support the idea of student grants

Student grants, which started their decline before being abolished by Labour, were constantly criticised by the Tories when in power because they saw students being subsidised to earn a higher income at tax payers expense.

So it is perhaps a real throwback that Derek Conway also appears to me to see his parliamentary allowance as a means of subsiding students, even if they are his sons.

His statement today when he says he has "let down his family" is actually a massive misjudgement as to me he has let down the tax payers of the UK and his constituents by seeking to use his allowances to support his family. I know lots of MP's employ family members, but in meaningful tasks, whilst other MP's I know often have their families working for them in a completely voluntary capacity, taking no income at all. The excuse that one of Mr Conway's children was employed to advise him on "London Issues" seems odd given that Mr Conway represents part of a London Borough.

It is 24 hours late, but "Call me Dave" Cameron is right to withdraw the Tory whip. Let us hope though that this is more than the gesture politics that South Norfolk Conservatives apply to wrongdoing by their councillors.

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