Too many soundbites from Cameron - Says Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke is right to highlight Cameron's obsession with the fluff of sound bites. Every time he speaks it is as if he had five of them to say and he shoe horns them in in an almost corny way. His sad attempt to emulate Vince Cable's Mr Bean line about Gordon Brown by referring to Gordon Brown "turning from Prudence to Del Boy without touching the ground" was enough to make you groan it was so lame.

Ken Clarke highlights the fact that there is a mass of the electorate who despite being fed up with labour, are not convinced Cameron has anything to offer. If Cameron wants to be PM he needs to develop some real policies and stop the bluster. Northern Rock is a great example. He attacks Gordon Brown over it again and again. He prepares and gives his one liners and soundbites over and over, but when asked what he would do, he has no answer.


Anonymous said...

I was goin gto attack you Nich for another attack on Cameron, but I have some sympathy with what ken says. Cameron needs to put meat on the bones of his attacks.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You are right though that I cannot resist an attack on "Dave"