What chance do public health warnings have ?

When i was at the gym earlier watching MTV on one of the screens a song came on by someone called Mickey Modelle (yes, I am sure that is her real name) which to me showed to futility of government and drinks industry campaigns to ensure a policy of sensible drinking.

The whole video appears to centre around drinking lots and lots of alcohol at a bar, and the more you drink the better it gets. Indeed later on in the video there are several acts of wanton vandalism which don't bother anyone as well as a lot of anti social behaviour. But as they are drinking, it's all such a good laugh.

I am not suggesting for one single minute that videos like this be banned and I am not coming over all "nanny state", but it does show the battle health officials will have if they are ever to have any affect on alcohol consumption. Let's face it if all pubs were like this none of us would stay at home.

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Tristan said...

The government should not be wasting money telling us how to live our lives though. Let those who want us to stop drinking fund it themselves instead of using government force to do it.

Of course, pubs aren't like that, and we have other things in life.