What if Paul Flynn was right ?

A couple of days ago I took issue with Paul Flynn, Labour MP, who explained on his blog that most of the significant achievements in terms of world peace, fighting climate change and bringing an end to hated regimes around the world were in great part due to Peter Hain.
The fact that Peter Hain has been replaced in cabinet by James Purnell, The Minister for Photoshopping and Doctoring Photos, led me to take a look through some historic conflict resolutions to see if Paul Flynn was right about Peter Hain's significant contribution to history.

The first piece of evidence is an old photo of Japenese officials boarding a US battleship to sign the surrender to signify the end of World War 2. Not many people know this but Emperor Hirohita later said it was down to Peter Hain's intervention that persuaded him to agree tothe surrender. Peter Hain can be seen ushering the Japanese forward (bottom right hand corner of the picture).

The second photo shows Peter Hain at the signing of the Camp David Peace accords signifying the end of hostilities between Israel and Egypt. Again "this couldn't have been done without Peter Hain" were the words uttered by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat after the meeting.

Finally, the final picture shows the Anti War March in 2003. Can you see Peter Hain ?

No, of course you can't. The odd thing is that Peter Hain was keen to join marches in the 1960's and 1970's, and quite rightly so, for people in South Africa (the country of his birth) but when he could have made a stand against war, against lies and deceit from a government he was part of, he was invisible.

Perhaps not the peace maker after all ?

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The Half-Blood Welshman said...

"What if Paul Flynn was right?"

Well, it would be a remarkable first, given that he has a near 100% track record of backing the losing side.

This repellant, sycophantic, hubristic man is almost as unpopular as his former boss was outside the Labour heartlands in the Valleys - and believe me when I say that's some achievement! I thought your post on his Hain eulogy was brilliant.

Most of us in mid-Wales at least, contrary to his claims, are glad that Hain is gone, because he's always been a Blair yes-man to his fingertips and has never hinted that he cared one iota for the people of Wales except Labour loyalists in the south east.

Incidentally, Flynn is off again on why Paul Murphy is such a terribly bad thing. For this torrent of gibberish, he is now up for comedian of the decade...