Overheard in a supermarket ... you couldn't make it up

I went in to Lidl, the low cost supermarket which sells all sort of things but no brands you would recognise, and overheard a young boy of about 6 years of age following his mother, who looked like a cross between Vicki Pollard and Waynetta Slob around. About half way round the shop she asked the boy

"What do you want for your tea"

"Beans on toast", he replied.

And the mother's response genuinely was "I told you I'm not f*cking cooking for you tonight. You can have some biscuits".

For all those who think parenting classes are not a good idea, I can assure you they are desperately needed by some people.


Paul Walter said...

Remarkable. Now we know why Jamie Oliver calls some parents "a****les and t****ers". It reminds me of a couple of children who returned for a short sojourn with their father for the weekend and all they ate was.......wait for it......smarties!

Jonny Wright said...

Oh ... my ... actual ... God. That's just horrific!

I guess maybe I'm a bit biased in favour of cooking. My mum's ace in the kitchen; when she met my dad, at university, he was living off ready meals, and she apparently swore at the time that no son of hers would ever go to uni without being able to cook. I've been brought up with it from quite early on.

But however hopeless you are in the kitchen, how could you ever find baked beans a real challenge? I'm slightly gobsmacked by that one.

camille said...

wow. discusting. poor little guy just wants some nutrition.

Anonymous said...

which Lidl was it? (i won't ask what you were doing there....thought you were a Sainsbury shopper!!)