Do football administrators understand what they are doing ?

Luton Town footall club are in administration at the moment, with massive debts but with two offers pending which would allow the club to come out of administration and secure the club. However, there are big questions marks about the knowledge the administrators have of the business of football and it begs the question are the getting the best deal for Luton and for their creditors ?

Yesterday, after reportedly promising that they would consult with the manager before selling any players and also assuring the manager that they would leave the squad intact until after the FA Cup replay against Liverpool, two players were sold, without any reference to the manager or his staff. Strangely though, the players were sold without any publicity or any attempt by the administrators to "auction" the players by allowing the management to let other clubs know that they were set to sell the players, this forcing the transfer price up. Good value for creditors or Luton Town ? Hardly.

Now today the administrators are looking to sell three more players, including both Luton's two strikers who are fit, leaving the club with no recognised attacker. Is this the way to keep Luton afloat ? Is this doing the best for the club ? Hardly, which is why the management team have resigned en bloc, as they do not know from day to day which players will be playing as the administrators go behind their backs and sell off their first team.

Doesn't it make you wonder if some administrators used to dealing with normal companies are actually up to the job of administering a football club ?

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