Tory MP impresses of Five Live

I heard Tory MP Chris Grayling on the radio earlier talking about Peter Hain, who is his opposite number.

Unlike a lot of other Tories, he is not sneering in tone, does not sound like a toff or like he is trying too hard to be normal. Instead he came across as balanced and very fair.

Despite pressure from the inept Radio 5 interviewer Peter Allen, who appeared to have a set list of questions he was going to ask irrespective of the answers Chris Grayling gave, a balanced critique of Peter Hain's position, he didn't call for his resignation, and avoided the line "New" Labour took prior to 1997 which required every Tory who made a mistake to get fired (thus making a rod for their own backs).

Far be it from me to praise Tories, but I thought he spoke well and didn't fall prey to the easy line of attacking for attacking's sake.


David Anthony said...

Sometimes, when the case against your opponent is so damning you can afford to be courteous.

Peter Hain has created the own rod for his back in this one.

Tom Paine said...

If they made a rod for their own backs, they have been very sparing of it.

Newmania said...

Brilliant comment Tom pain !

GM said...

Grayling has long been one of the Tory Party's unsung heroes, consistently dismantling opposition policies in a very effective and forensic manner. If the Tories had any sense they'd make him party chairman and watch the profile soar! The current chairman is practically invisible - but perhaps the Cameron-Osborne axis doesn't want too much competition??