A New Year and Christmas tradition we could well do without

It has been astonishing to read so many text messages from friends in the last 24 hours passing on New Year messages whilst explaining that they have got stinking colds or terrible coughs. What is it with us this year ?

Since breaking up from school nearly two weeks ago I am now on my second cold (and this one is a real stinker and makes me sneeze every five minutes), and have had a cough for the whole holiday. My wife has been similarly afflicted, so have my parents, my in-laws, my brothers, and everyone else I know.

It is odd though that I should get these things when I am off school as school is the ideal breeding ground for germs yet I have not had a cold for months until the start of the holidays.

Every year now I seem to spend the Christmas holidays being ill. It is one Christmas and New Year tradition I could do without.

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