Will it be a constitution or a reform treaty Gordon ?

I see Gordon Brown is proposing a written constitution for the NHS.

I am slightly perplexed about this. In all my years of study at university we debated the country have a bill of rights and the pros and cons of a written constitution but I never remember there being any discussion on whether the NHS should have a written constitution.

Perhaps though it is a sign of the fear that Gordon brown now has of the Tories. He knows that with a good lead in the polls which would probably give the Tories a small working majority, the Tories could increase the levels of privatisation in the NHS, if they get in power and this might be Gordon Brown's way of stopping the Tories doing this ?

One thing is for certain, there will not be a "we want a referendum" campaign for this constitution.


Gavin Whenman said...

Not entirely sure how this constitution will differ from the current one (The NHS Act), which already spells out the rights and duties of patients.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there should be a referendum regarding privatizing the NHS as the evidence would seriously suggest New Labour has been misled by an American "outlaw" branded insurance company who have employed a number of ex DWP people to help provide the British Government advice on many important matters, including NHS reform.

America's wealth-care system is a total disaster. SICKO coming soon to a NHS near you?

Visit www.stopunum.com and you decide if trusting a unscrupulous insurance company is the appropriate way forward for reforming critical health care services for the people of the United Kingdom...