Mike Huckabee - Is this really the man who could lead the USA ?

A lot of pollsters are predicting that Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is favourite to win the Republican caucuses in Iowa tomorrow leaving him a a strong position in the race for the Republican nomination for presidency. However trawling around the net brings up some very odd information about him which ought to worry any liberal minded person.

To Dim To Lead ?

- He has stated that scientists believe the earth is "six billion" years old. He then contradicted himself by also stating that we "just don't know" how old the earth is.

A Liar ?

- He is accused of covering up an incident where his son hanged a stray dog.
- He lied about having a theology degree.

A Religious Nut ?

- He claims ‘‘The Holy Bible . . . has truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter. Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy.’’
- He freed criminals who committed heinous offenses if they said they had become born-again.
- He doesn't accept the theory of evolution

A Discriminator ?

- In 1992, he wanted to quarantine people with AIDS, even though it was well-known then that AIDS could not be spread by casual contact.

A Thief ?

It is claimed that he improperly claimed furniture given to the governor's office as a personal gift and then didn't list it on an inventory of office items.

A Tax Nut ?

- He wants a regressive national sales tax in place of a progressive income tax.

A Male Chauvinist ?

- In 1998, he signed a statement saying that "A wife is to submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband".

So there we have it. The Repuclicans might be set to change a dim religious nut for another dim religious nut.

Update - Wikipedia has more information that shows us what a potentially dangerous man Mike huckabee is.


Paul Walter said...

Happy New Year, Nich

He would make a very apt successor to George W Bush then!

I think his star is already descending. The Evangelical Repubs were looking for an "anyone but Rudy" candidate - and the endorsement from that martial arts fellow seemed to help. They now seem to be going back to John McC or going with Romney.

Tristan said...

He's the heir to Bush candidate (although McCain is seeking that position a bit too).

Of course, the others are just as bad, just often in more secular ways... (Clinton and her 'it takes a village' call for more state interference in the family and raising children for example).

I doubt the US as a whole could support Huckabee, but given the lack of difference between candidates on all sides he could slip through with the growing disillusionment of the electorate...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Just to not I have rejected one comment which was clearly from the Huckabee campaign.

Anonymous said...

Typical of teachers to censor opposing viewpoints and then label them as something they aren't.

While my comment aligned with Huckabee, I am not paid by his campaign.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Ian, had you sent me a comment that actually related to most of my posting, had it been a proper response, I would have published it. As it is you are from a lobbying group (the Tax Foundation)whose aims are supported by Huckabee, so whilst you may not be an employee of Huckabee's, you are in his camp.

The comment you sent was 1433 words in length, and was pre-prepared for you to send out to various blogs, or so it appears to me. Sorry, this is not censorship, it is quality control. I allow all sorts of critical comments to be published, but what you sent was spam.

Anonymous said...

Again, sir, why don't you ask questions (like an exemplary educator would), and I'll be happy to answer them.

I'm a volunteer advocate for FairTax, and I support Mr. Huckabee primarily for his support thereof (which is a major point of leadership he offers the country).

No one wrote my posting for me: I researched and wrote it. And as for the Tax Foundation, my profile points to the article for informational purposes.

Huckabee's position on the FairTax goes to the core of what's wrong in Washington, DC. But then, you've precluded your readers from making their own determination about that, eh?

GaffaUK said...

My first thought to your question was 'God help us' but then I remembered I was agnostic...

If he is going to actively defend the Bible as complete truth and if he gets in then we all may be closer to rapture...

Anonymous said...

Nich, consider the offense addressed. Thank you for posting my comments.

Best regards, and man the best man win the upcoming election (because if it's a woman, it won't be the best man! LOL)