The X Factor Winner - Let's make it about talent and not where you live

The phrase to do with Pots and Kettles comes to mind when one Lib Dem blogger (Cllr Frazer MacPherson) tonight says that The X-Factor is rather unhelpfully (to his preferred candidate) calling the final a battle of the nations.

I agree with these views. The X Factor winner should be decided on talent and not to do with where they come from . However, last week Cllr MacPherson referred to Leon as "Scotland's Entry". At the time I felt that Frazer's comments were a little parochial and as I was aware, no nation had "and entrant" as they were taking part in their own right.

Come on Fraxer, I like your blog and you sound like the sort of councillor we could all do with, but you can't have your cake and eat it in this case. You can't call Leon the Scottish entrant and then bemoan the X Factor for doing the very same.

I don't care where the winner comes from, so long as they are talented and deserve it on the basis of their talent.


Fraser Macpherson said...

Nich ... have been away over the festive period so only just stumbled upon your comments re my blog entry about the X-Factor final.

Err..hands up, you are right. The term "Scotland's entry" was a wee bit inaccurate and "a little parochial" (still, pleased Leon won).

Your entry about Mike Huckabee made interesting reading. Having spent the festive period in the USA and viewed loads of Iowa Caucus stuff which is wall to wall on the TV news, I think Paul Walter's comment ("would make a very apt successor to George W Bush") is pretty accurate.

Anyway, a Happy New Year.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, as a Norwich supporter I think Darren Huckerby makes more sense than Mike Huckabee, but he is a bit of a worry.