Time to cull bad laws in football

It appears that running over to fans is now equivalent to kicking an opposition player waist high in a kung fu style, if you watch Premiership football that is.

Today Andrew Johnson (Everton), Kilvin Etuhu (Man City) and Dimitar Berbatov (Spurs) were all booked for running over to the crowd and celebrating after scoring whilst in the Sunderland versus Aston Villa game, a Villa player kicks Dwight Yorke in a kung fu style and similarly gets a yellow card. Are the two things at all similar ? Of course not. But referees are too keen to dish out yellow cards for technical offences than they are for really horrific career threatening challenges.

The same is true of other leagues, this is not something only found in the Premier League.

When I used to play on a Sunday morning (I quit 3 years ago), I got fed up with referees allowing players to scythe you down with two footed lunges with the referee never producing a yellow card, let alone a red one, only to find that after you have been hacked down for the ninth time and you say "For goodness sake ref", and he suddenly produces a yellow card for dissent.

Just like laws that affect us in every day life, someone ought to go through the football rules book and properly decided which rules are needed and which spoil the game. Stopping players celebrating with fans is, to my mind, a stupid rule.

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