Forget sanctions or war - This is the way to really punish Iran

Who needs to bomb them or impose sanctions. Surely a Chris De Burgh concert is punishment enough ?
It might also need some obvious lyric changes to his songs.


jams o donnell said...

I'm sure the people of Iran will reel from a Chris de Burgh onslaught. From and american viewpoint it is merely aa shot across the bows. Next time it could be Celine Dion.

BHY said...

Have you ever had a Persian friend?! or have you ever tried to understand them with having a direct feeling experience of reality?!

Roo said...

I agree with bhy, you'll never know someone untill you share some close experiences with him/her, and go through some real situations.


Waiting should be a virtue. A rewarded one.
After 30 years without a Pop concert, Iranian People surely deserved a PROPER one.
Or is it just a Governmental conniving scheme with the intent of showing how feeble the occidental Culture really is?

MEHRAN said...

im irani
and i dont know why your friends have a bad opinion about iranian
they think iranian people are terrorist
bad it exactly wrong
maybe the government of iran have a bad haviour
but iranian people are very good
MR ahmadi nejad is a good person
but his mind is very demode
iranian people never immersed in war
we like peace

Anonymous said...

hi dudes
im iranian too
and im a fann of chris
look %99 of iranians havent even touched a gun in their whole lives
( exept military services )
so please dont judge a book by its cover