Charles Kennedy rules out return to Lib Dem front bench

Charles Kennedy indicated plainly and clearly to Andrew Marr this morning that he would not be returning to the Lib Dem front bench and it was his choice.

The speculation had been that CK would return in a senior role under the new Lib Dem leader, but on the BBC this morning Charles said that he was very busy with The European Movement, attending party functions, AGM's, annual dinners, etc, and was also applying to be rector of Glasgow University.

In many ways for the Lib Dems this is a great shame, but given all the trials and tribulations in his life in recent years, it is good that Charles has found a place and a role he is really happy in.


John said...

Disappointing! Really hoping he could take on Foreign Affairs as a good fit to his other work.

You would have thought both leadership candidates would have run this by him before suggesting his return to the front bench?

A weaker team without him!

tally said...

It's good news for the English though. Kennedy is notorious for his shadenfreude speech to a scottish audience in 1999.
He also welcomed English regional assemblies to another scottish audience in 1999 as RA'S would bring into question "the idea of England itself" That will have created a few stiffies under the kilts. Good riddance to him, but i'm sure he will carry on trying to shaft England via the eu.

Fred Forsythe (Not the) said...

Stick a teat on a gallon of Bells and sit him in the fast lane of the M6.