My tuppence worth of opinion on the X Factor results

There are plenty of conspiracy theories on the radio today about the X Factor results, with some able back up and good thoughts from Dizzy too. However, my theory has more to do with the way the timings each act had to have their votes plugged.

I thought it interesting that after Leon's final song they:
1)Displayed his phone number
2)Showed a video about him and his family
3)Showed his number
4) Had an ad break with no reference to Rhydian's number before the break.

However after the 5 minute break when people were voting for Leon (remember Rhydian's number was not shown before the break), Rhydian sang his final song. But the timings were not equal or fair. After he sang they

1) They showed his phone number
2) Showed his video of friends, etc.
3) Closed the lines phone lines.

So whereas Leon had the advantage of his sentimental video and his tears, then gave his supporters five minutes to vote during the break before they saw Rhydian, Rhydian sang his final song and voting was closed pretty sharply.

It seems if you are on first you stand a much better chance of winning.
Notice the difference ? It appears that Leon's fans got more reminders and much more time to vote than Rhydians.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's all to do with your friend from north of the border.

Personally, my money's on same difference. Now that's talent!!