Tommy Sheridan charged

The Telegraph reports that flamboyant Socialist Tommy Sheridan, a former member of the Scottish Parliament who won a libel case famously a few months ago, has been charged with perjury.

The libel case a few months ago precipitated the collapse in the Scottish Socialist Party vote in the Scottish elections which helped boost the SNP as the main socialist alternative to Labour. Although he may not be so well known "south of the border", Tommy Sheridan is a famous figure in Scotland and this is significant for this reason alone.


Iain Rubie Dale said...

This one is going to be an utter corker! Many folk in Scotland thought he was guilty as sin but delighted in him beating the system. He'll go down if found guilty which will probably make him even more of a hero of the disaffected.

My concern over this story is that it may take the edge off Nicol's "smells of sleaze" attack on wee fishy eck and the Gnats over Trumptown.

Manfarang said...

Can we say they are more uptight north of the border?

ZanderLibra said...

I missed the whole of the last soap opera...

Tommy is a cracker, SOLIDARITY!
What a guy! (Sarcasm)

This "Smells of Sleaze" case should not go away, its of higher importance to the general public... Im sure most people would rather know whats going on there than hear about Tommys chest.

He is the soap opera of scottish politics, well done to Thatcher for making him famous!