Iain Dale - Can we play you every week ?

I ought to be feeling a little bit guilty about Iain Dale being on the end of a two defeats at the hands of my other team (Everton) this week.

We know Iain is a Tory, and I gather this is not yet treatable on the NHS, but as Tories go he is not such a bad chap. So I feel a little sorry for him having to put up with Boris Johnson as the Tories mayoral candidate (and Iain has done a good job of trying to make Boris sound dynamic, but it is a losing battle) and also being a West Ham fan.

With Everton eliminating West Ham from the Carling Cup midweek and then defeating West Ham again in the league today, I ought perhaps to be rubbing his face in it. However, this might provoke Iain in to a referral to the opinion polls and the Tories strong position.

So after a promising start when they promised much, now West Ham are fading quickly and are starting to look desperate. Are West Ham to the Premiership what Gordon Brown is to Labour ?

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Rooster said...

I have to admit West Ham are looking desperate, for 10 -15 minutes, the score could have easil been the other way round before half time, when west ham played some fantastic football, thanks to Parker and solano, Collins had a nightmare game, and the Hammers defence was quite miserable all round. Everton, played well, but nothing special came from them, like West Ham, the Toffee's have a long way to go, before they think they are top 4 quality.