A funny from school - The problem with taking things too literally

I group of children from my school returned from a residential trip recently, and the mother of one of the boys came in today to ask if the school had any photos of the trip.

This seemed a strange request as the lady's son had taken a disposable camera with him and was seen snapping away merrily on the camera on numerous occasions and seemed to have made full use of the camera.

"What is wrong with your son's photos ?" We asked.

"He didn't bring it home with him" she replied. "I asked him if he had taken any photos and he said he had used up the film. When I asked him where the camera was because I could not find it in the case, he told me he had thrown it in the bin. When I asked why he simply replied that he had done it because it was a disposable camera !"

I'm not sure whether as a school we should be concerned about the boy's common sense or pleased that he has fully grasped the meaning of the word disposable.

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Ex-Pat Alfie said...

Perhaps there should be rather more concern about the school's performance.