Gordon Brown hails Vince Cable

I guess Gordon Brown intended it as an insult, but when he said during Prime Minister's Questions today;

"I am beginning to think he is better at the jokes than he is at his economics."

I thought to myself that Vince must be a stunning comedian, if what Gordon Brown says is correct. After all, Vince was an extremely senior Chief Economist for one of the UK's and the world's largest companies, is well known in the media and press to have his finger on the pulse of economic matters and has never been shown to be wanting when it comes to his economic policies and his real understanding of prudent accounting. Yet given Vince's CV, Gordon Brown still thinks he is a better comedian. High praise indeed from Gordon Brown. Forget "Strictly Come Dancing" Vince, you should be telling jokes at the Royal Variety Performance if you are as good as Gordon Brown says.

At least there is one thing beyond doubt. Vince Cable is an MP who can tell jokes and is an economist. As Gordon Brown has highlighted recently. He is an MP who has neither of those skills.

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jailhouselawyer said...

As somebody who is almost totally innumerate I am minded to agree with your observation:"As Gordon Brown has highlighted recently. He is an MP who has neither of those skills".

For example, Lord Carter's Review of Prisons. The suggested solution is that the plan is designed to accommodate 96,000 prisoners by 2014.

However, the problem is the Prison Service predicts the prison population will reach 102,000 by 2011. That's a shortfall of 6,000 prison places with 3 years still to run before 2014.