Who won the Lib Dem leadership debate on Newsnight ? Nick Clegg

I was surprised to read such wide ranging and varying accounts of the Lib Dem leadership debate on various Lib Dem blogs today.

Last week I agreed with those who felt Chris Huhne won the Question Time debate, although I felt he won it only narrowly. Those supporters of Nick Clegg who declared a clear win for their candidate were way off the mark.

However, last night, unlike the Question Time debate, and in quite a role reversal, Clegg started with the passion and the desire whilst Huhne was lacking in passion and quite laboured. He was also on the defensive over his team's smears of Nick Clegg, and for me this set the tone for the remainder of the debate.

So, having called the Question time debate for Chris Huhne (just), this debate was a little more decisive in favour of Nick Clegg.

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