Norfolk County Councillors vote themselves a 28% increase in allowances

There is only one thing to say about this story, and that is that it was a silly thing to do for the Lib Dems to support the Tories and Labour in voting this 28% allowance increased through, and that in principle I cannot see how a council can justify such massive increases in allowances when budgets are so tight and there are such deep and devastating cuts in services across Norfolk.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be quite fair and reasonable, why are you complaining?

The percentage sound large becase the allowances were so poor already, the vote is based on an indepentent reccomendation when the councillors already passed up a payrise two years ago, and is just to bring the council into line with the rest of the country.

We should be calling for councillors across the country to be paid well- this is the only way that we can ensure that people from all walks of society and of all ages can afford to stand. We campaigned for MPs to be paid in the 1800s for the same reason.

Fighting decent allowances (if less than £9,000 pa can be described as decent) is cheap point scoring that will only hold back local government, and does nobody any favours, least of all the electorate, who will just end up with a council on the cheap.

That everyone- Cons, Lab, LDs, Greens- disagrees with you is just maybe a suggestion that you may be wrong?

Martin said...

Nick, as a Norwich city Season Ticket Holder, do you really feel equipped to lecture others on value for money?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I see football as entertainment and it's not just about the result.

Anonymous said...

Easy target Nick. If you're happy with a bunch of retired has-beens moving the county forward then you get what you deserve.

However, if you really want a more diverse section of the community who don't have to rely on a pension or private income then you have to accept that having an allowance that is the equivalent of paying below the minimum wage is unacceptable.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If anonymous (why do you post anonymopusly by the way ?) you are correct, then why did the rise have to be all in one year ? Why not graduated to catch up with the minimum wage ?

It odd though because when I was on North Norfolk District Council the only allowance vote we had resulted in out allowance going down by 2%.

Th easiest way to open up the council is actually to have more evening meetings. Something the Tories opposed in North Norfolk.

Anonymous said...

"The easiest way to open up the council is actually to have more evening meetings"

You make the assumption that Councillors who work only work daytime.

The Libdems at County Hall recognise the equality and diversity agenda. Paying councillors a more realistic rate is just one part of having a more equal and diverse councillor from a wider spectrum of society than at present.