What does it say about the BBC that they are still using the old Lib Dem party logo !

On Newsnight tonight, on for the leadership debate, the BBC are using the old pre 1999 slimmer Lib Dem Party logo.

Presumably (one would hope) somebody from the party (perhaps one of the two candidates) will tell the BBC that we changed our logo 8 years ago ?

Imagine the fuss if the BBC used the wrong Tory logo.


Toby Philpott said...

I've phoned in a complaint.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps it tells about the character of journalists. They must have seen the previous complaints about Guardian, and joined in the party.

I remember a case from the beginning of the 90's when a certain petty politician outside the UK complained to a journalist who had written his name wrong. Next time when the journalist wrote a story about the party conference of the politician's party, he mentioned the politician twelve times - and wrote his name each time in a different way, none of them correct.