Brown may be right, but isn't it hypocritical of the government to boycott Zimbabwe ?

I agree with Gordon Brown not wanting to attend a meeting at which Robert Mugabe will be attending, but cannot help but feel Labour are being hypocritical in its dealings with Zimbabwe.

I remember the England Cricket Team looking for guidance from the government a few years ago when they were committed to play matches in Zimbabwe, but didn't want to play them for fear of legitimising Robert Mugabe and because of the propaganda he would gain from being at the matches and shaking hands with the players. At the time the government failed to offer the English Cricket team any way of getting out of these matches. At the time the ECB wanted the government just to make a statement saying that they should boycott the matches, but the government even refused to do that.

So yes, Gordon Brown is right to snub Mugabe, but lets have more joined up thinking from the government and prevent our sporting teams having to greet and legitimise Mugabe's regime too.

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Anonymous said...

Joined up thinking is not a Labour attribute.