The government officials who look forward to an outbreak of Bird Flu

Suffolk Tory MP Richard Spring has raised concerns about why DEFRA officials called in to deal with an outbreak of Bird Flu were put up in a £310 a night hotel rather than using the myriad of cheaper hotels in the Diss area where the outbreak took place.

DEFRA themselves claim they paid only £95 a night, but Mr Spring has cast grave doubts on these figures and says that DEFRA have been wildly extravagant with tax payers cash.

I have family in Diss, indeed I got married very close by, so I know how much hotel costs are in the area, and you can stay in very comfortable bed and breakfasts or some nice hotels for £50-£60 a night.

Instead of using local hotels around Diss, DEFRA preferred to house 30 staff 22 miles away on the National Trust owned Ickworth estate.

Surely DEFRA are the only people in the world who look forward to an outbreak of Bird Flu ?

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Anonymous said...

Without going into the details of this particular case I do know that the Govt can get some very big discounts.

I recently stayed in a hotel in Cardiff which had a rack-rate of £225 a night. Under a Govt. contract we paid £70 a night.