The Tory defector who says he does not like David Cameron ?

I am grateful to a commenter to my previous posting (Allan) who has pointed out that Saj Karim, the Lib Dem MEP who defected to the Tories today is, according to his Facebook entry even today a member of the group "Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron?"

As Allan says, "either he has had a road to Damascus experience or he is not being frank about his reason for defecting!"

Update : Steve Guy also has some interesting quotes from Mr Karim about Cameron. As I said before, we (in the Lib Dems) are better off without Mr Karim.

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Allan said...

Interesting about Saj's threat to throw toys out pram even before his selection http://www.colin-ross.org.uk/news/001532/sajjad_karim_defects_to_the_tories.html