Why do some journalists use The Daily Mail as a source of information about the Lib Dems ?

I was annoyed but not surprised to hear Radio Five Live presenter Nicky Campbell interviewing Simon Hughes today not on the basis of what Simon had to say, but on the basis of a series of character assassinations by national newspapers that clearly have an axe to grind with Simon Hughes.

The fact that Nicky Campbell used the Daily Mail as the main source of his attack on Simon should leave nobody in any doubt that Mr Campbell is in need of some journalist's qualifications and should have been consigned to Radio Two when his Radio One days were behind him and he should not have been put in to a prime slot like the Breakfast Show on Five Live.

Anybody who thinks that quoting the official mouthpiece of the Tory Party is clever, objective or even worthwhile in such circumstances shows his or her limitations as a journalist for everyone to see.

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JES said...

It's a bit unfair to categorise the Daily Hate as an official mouthpiece for only the Conservative Party - it also expounds the views of the BNP, The Monster Raving Loonies and The Apathy Party.
It has a large constituency in this part of 'middle' little England and it has a large vested interest in keeping them that way.