Taking the P*ss in Tate Modern

Next year's new installation in Tate Modern should be this.

After all, if they can get away with THIS, and pretend it is all about racism and division, then why not allow people somewhere so that Tate modern can see we can take the piss too ?


Lang Rabbie said...

Nich, is this post meant to be some kind of ironic post-modern art critcism that I am failing to get, or are you just completely ignorant of the history of modern art?

After all it is only ninety years since Duchamp's "fountain" first saw the light of day...


Norfolk Blogger said...

That's just the problem. Isn't most modern art just ironic or is it really meant ?

Speaking as an ordinary person from the provinces, am I right to call modern art just a load of old shite ? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

All I can say is at least people are not charged to see it.

Ed said...

Nich you really are such a crusty old fart... ;-)))

Hope all is good with you.

PS - there's no such thing as a free lunch. We all pay for the Tate Modern through our taxes.

Norfolk Blogger said...

This is why I don't like London.

If you did something like this in Norwich, people would be so very unimpressed.

If you did it up North, the council would have a workman come round and fill the hole in !

Starls said...

Don't knock it till you've seen it Nich. I think the Tate Modern is great and always pop in when I'm in London. Their exhibits always sound pretentious, but the vastness of the space lends itself well to simple ideas and certainly attracts visitors.

Like when they put a mirror along the length of the ceiling. I'm sure there was a pretentious meaning behind it, but it was great seeing tourists lying on the ground, creating shapes and viewing their reflections. So simple.

wit and wisdom said...

I have never been anywhere with more crystal shops and good old fashioned hippy type students than Norwich so any suggestion that it is somehow peopled by simple, honest folk is complete nonsense. I bet the train to London will have its fair share of Anglians wanting to pay Tate Modern a visit, just like those from any other part of the country - including the apparently thick, artless north, if the endless cliches are to be believed.

Go to Salford. Go to Gateshead. Then perhaps try a bit less oversimplification.

Gledwood said...

Well the bloody floor's cracked in half now - surely you heard~?!?

Norfolk Blogger said...

What I said about Northerners was neither meant to be an insult to them or would be taken as one from many that I know.

As for Norwich having Crystal shops, I cannot even think of one in the city.

revinkevin said...

It is not modern art it is murdering art.