Iain Dale backs Lib Dems - Well sort of ...

Iain Dale is backing the principle of what the Lib Dems are proposing when it comes to fixed term parliaments and is urging a cross party consensus to come about in order for this to be achieved.

The very principle of a runner in a race being able to fire the starting pistol would seem ludicrous, yet when it comes to running the country it seems to be okay.

We should welcome Iain's support and that of other Tory bloggers too. If a ground swell of support can be got behind this, fixed term parliaments might become a reality. And in many ways, for Gordon Brown, it might be a blessing as it would stop him having to dither about should he or shouldn't he.

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Anonymous said...

I'm backing the Lib Dems too. (It sends a shiver down the spine to type that!) If Westminster considers fixed-term parliaments to be good enough for the devolved parts of the UK it's surely right for Westminster itself.