Time for Adam Boulton to grow up ?

Adam Boulton, it appears, is really rather annoyed at getting scooped by the BBC by Gordon Brown announcing exclusively to BBC News that he was not going to call an election.

Various reports today show that Adam Boulton has lost his supposedly balanced tone with a senior Labour Minister, and seems apoplectic over the whole incident on his own blog.

What I personally find very odd is that Adam Boulton left the confines of traditional terrestrial broadcasters so that he could be part of a rolling news network, run with tabloid principles of getting scoops and exclusives yet when he himself is scooped, he does not like it.

Get used to it Adam. Some you win and some you lose. Remember, you are a journalist and you should report, not make the news. If Gordon Brown wanted to reveal it on the British Broadcasting Corporation, a TV station that everyone in the UK can get then that is his right. Remember, Sky want to take Sky news off Freeview and replace it with subscription services instead. If you are so keen to report the news to everyone, then persuade your bosses of the virtues of keeping Sky News free to everyone.


Tristan said...

News reporters all over are rather pissed off that Marr was called in as he consistently gives Brown an easy time.

Of course, when the media is in bed with the politicians what do you expect?

Gledwood said...

Hi I'm just parsing on through... I used to live in Norfolk. in Norwich. A FINE CITY Hahaaargh!!

What was I going to say ::?
Oh yeah: what on earth does Beta mean? Re blogs/internet things?

Please enlighten me as I'm thick as iced buns from Beccles

Gledwood said...

I'm trying to work out from your appearance what party you counsilled for?

I don't know: you look a little clean-cut to be Labour.

If I said Lib-Dem I wouldn't be trying to insult you, seriously.

Tory? ;->...