The state of British literature

Just looking at the top ten paperbacks in WH Smiths tells us more about the British psyche than any number of essays. Five of the rop ten books are all 'confessions of a . . . ' books about city girls in London sleeping around. I am no prude, but if this is the state of modern literature and of the British psyche, we are in a bit of a state !


Anonymous said...

Nich, I would also agree on that. It seems that mediocrity has replaced excellence. Although personally I have a preference for written fact rather than fiction.

Soon everyone will have written a book.

Mind you today I was looking for Delia (Let's be Havin you) Smith's Winter Recipes. Must have sold out.
(2-0 today at West Brom..tut tut).


Oxymoron said...

Most of these books are probably bought by women.

Since women have to constantly put up with pornography aimed at men on the shelves I don't see any problem with them having their own titillation if they want to.

Norfolk Blogger said...

They don't try and pass off Mayfair as literature.