Bumping in to celebrities

I've been in London for most of the last 36 hours (of which I will write more later in the week about my observation on London), and as usual with my trips, I managed to bump in to a celebrity.

When we went to Amsterdam a couple of years ago we saw Noel Gallagher (from Oasis ) and the guy who plays Mickey Miller in Eastenders. Then we went to London last year and saw Betty Boothroyd. A year ago this week we went to Blackpool and saw Russell Brand at a motorway services station off the M6 toll road and yesterday whilst walking along Old Compton Street in London I saw Lee Mead, who is the star of Joseph (the musical) and winner of the TV series "Any Dream Will Do".

Personally, I am not the sort of person who gets over enamoured at stars, but as someone who voted for Lee repeatedly (I know, I am sad), I couldn't help but speak to him, tell him I voted for him and I was pleased he was doing so well. What I was delighted about was that he was told me how grateful he was and was a real gent. So at least I can say that I voted for nice person, not just a great singer.

I know, not really a political point and not really newsworthy, but I think it is fair to point out that "celebrity" does not turn everyone in to an arsehole.

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