Now the SNP steal Lib Dem policies

The Tory nick our policies, Labour steal our policies and now the SNP does it.

It's funny how the other parties deride us but are very happy to introduce Lib Dem policies.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but the Lib Dems have been in pwer in Holyrood for the last 8 years and yet were unable to implement their own policy. Well done to the SNP then...

Norfolk Blogger said...

But I do not think this is in the remit of the Scottish Parliament.

ZanderLibra said...

From my take, the SNP basically advanced a Libdem policy with regards to scrapping tuition fees ... and stuck a "no graduation fee" bit in after Labour had held the LibDems back.

That’s my personal take; you may or may not agree.

Personally, I’m glad SNP are doing it. Although had Libdems joined a (risky) coalition they could have taken credit for it.

Richard Thomson said...

Er, this has been an SNP policy for a number of years. It was simply reaffirmed by the conference.

You are right that the Scottish Parliament doesn't have the power to do this yet. But if the Goold report recommendations are implemented in full, then Holyrood will have the powers to determine whether or not the franchise should be expanded.